Former Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten.
Former Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten. Allan Reinikka ROK061118aschwart

Letter: State hospitals run on coal power

I NOTE in the article on the stop Adani protesters, a midwife is quoted as stating that coal has to go and the workers have to be transitioned into other industries.

Just what they might be, who knows?

But I would like to ask her just how she intends to deliver babies without electricity given that our own local power station will be pumping out coal fired power until the middle of the century.

There is not one hospital in this state that does not depend on coal.

There is not one operating theatre that can survive without coal products like stainless steel operating tables and scalpels not to mention the coal fired ventilators.

Labor's plan to build a renewable base recognises this and has coal fired power in the mix.

It is common sense and progressive, unlike the loony right and crazy conservative concept of ignoring the market march on renewables, the modern day equivalent of luddites wrecking industrial revolution machines.

As Anzac Day approaches we not only honour the soldier who laid down his life but we honour the freedoms he gave us such as the right to protest.

I totally accept the right of those anti-Adani protesters to do so.

But it does not prevent me from condemning Bob Brown, their messiah, who hypocritically is protesting via a coal fired, coal built coal powered car which during construction caused huge emissions into our environment.

His labelling of coal miners who provided the raw materials for these protest vehicles as "drug dealers" is beneath contempt.

But a word of warning to those who want to push governments into hasty decisions on granting approvals.

With, of all people, shock jock Alan Jones already saying the Federal approval (and that process is not complete either) was flawed due to political pressure ,this paves the way for more legal challenges which have already held up the approvals for Adani for years.

Just visit Mt Morgan to see what mining companies who can do as they please are capable of.

Governments are there to protect our future and be sure we do not ruin the economy by wrecking the environment.

Robert Schwarten

Park Avenue