SES volunteers building the flood barricade at the Rockhampton airport before the recent floods.
SES volunteers building the flood barricade at the Rockhampton airport before the recent floods. Kerri-Anne Mesner

LETTERS: Levee bank won't solve all problems

I SAW the SMS from BBD, Hill, in today's (Saturday, September 9) Morning Bulletin.

Apparently BBD believes that Michelle Landry's job is to simply hand over blank cheques to the Rockhampton Regional Council and the Queensland "Government” on demand. This is not the case. There is a clear process for State and Local Governments to apply for Federal Government funding, and it is not to request funds for new projects from sources designed to provide funds to assist in the repair of existing infrastructure. There still seems to be significant doubt as to whether a proper Application for Federal Assistance with the Depot Hill Levee Bank has been properly requested.

This project does also have some other problems. It will probably floodproof a strongly pro-Labor area of Rockhampton, but it will do nothing to assist in convincing the rest of the world that Rockhampton is open for business whenever the Fitzroy rises more than a few centimetres above 7.5 metres. As far as they are concerned we are cutoff when the airport and the railway lines (North Coast and Midland) are closed. The Depot Hill Levee Bank will do nothing to solve either of those problems.

Also, what we still don't appear to have heard from council are what Rates Levy will be applied to help fund Rockhampton's share of the cost, how much the ongoing annual maintenance and upkeep of the levee and its attached infrastructure (such as pumps) will cost and what levy will be imposed on Rockhampton's ratepayers to cover this. And we still don't have any information on what plans, if any, exist to resolve the problems of West Rockhampton (airport, Western St Barracks, etc.) and the railways. Time, I think, for Strelow and Byrne to let us know what these plans are, if there are any. I'd also be interested to hear the LNP views on floodproofing of the railways.

John Christie

Hidden Valley

What does banning 100% FIFO mean?

WHAT a lot of political rhetoric cowpad. (TMB, 11/9 P5). "Banned 100% FIFO”, does that mean between one to 99% can FIFO?

"Discrimination”, if a person in Brisbane is fully qualified and experienced they get the job? I challenge the pollies to fully reveal all the relative legislation. I believe all mining camps should be banned except in very remote areas. Live in the nearest towns!

G. Townsend, Emu Park

Leadership needed on power, water

WARNINGS about imminent Spring-Summer drought conditions and the threat of the rise in electricity and water charges, sends a clear message from the powers that be!

Exploiting even the weather conditions to profiteer from the misery and hardship families and businesses are subjected to, is unconscionable! It is par for the course with corporations and a State Government concerned more with its image and votes, than serving the best interest of consumers and constituents. To keep costs down, families and businesses have to tighten their belts and rein in spending: a lesson lost on bureaucrats and corporations which give themselves a golden handshake at the end, regardless.

Public monies are there to promote themselves and pay bonuses and lucrative salaries to handle the public purse, while consumers are faced with the threat of even higher charges. Simply because successive governments and bureaucracies have no conscience about spending the well of money collected from those with no say in their own destinies. Devoid of thinking of more efficient ways of paying the insurmountable debt, their only modus operandi is to continually raise costs, charging us their big incomes for the privilege.

Perhaps bureaucrats could take a tip from those at "My Budget” to see how the other half live, after living beyond their means! Third millennium governments are sinking us into deeper debt, with little or no solutions. To save future generations of Australians from perpetual annual rising costs, we need leadership with fiscal intelligence and a public conscience, not unionists and already rich egotists.

Eloise Rowe

Tannum Sands

Keep Rock branch open at Mount

THE proposed of The Rock building society in Mt Morgan is going to have an adverse effect on most of the town.

I myself use the service to pay my rates, my water, my registration of car and trailer, also my phone and electricity.

There are a lot of elderly people in Mt Morgan who don't drive. The only form of banking will be the Commonwealth at the post office with the steps to climb. This is unacceptable, to many.

I have been with The Rock for nearly 40 years, the staff here at Mt Morgan always friendly and helpful. There is a really strong rumour the mine will reopen.

The little branch always now seems busy. If the mine opens it will mean more people in the town and there will be more call for a bank than now.

Management of The Rock please reconsider and keep the mini-branch open.

Keith Rose

Mt Morgan