Letters: One must question the mentality of our politicians


Pay rise what pay rise
One must question the mentality of our politicians as the use the independent arbitrator again to justify giving themselves a 7 per cent pay rise.

After the performance of the last several months they should be returning some of the pay they receive under false pretence that they work hard.

Parliament was shut for several months and we were lucky to hear from any local politician.

Inflation is at about 1 per cent, businesses are closing left and right especially in the tourism industry.

They are constantly demanding more and more from the federal coffers, which is our tax money.

They cry poor all the time. Our hospitals are struggling as ramping is increasing. Youth crime is out of control. So many areas need money and attention.

But do our leaders care? No, they just say the independent arbitrator has said we must take a 7 per cent pay rise.

Who is running the state.

Shame on you all, send a message, complain to the media and maybe if there is enough backlash the greedy bastards might wake up.

Just my two cents.

– Mark, Berserker

Mandatory lockdown or lockout?

While Queensland has maintained a Covid-free state of affairs, it appears other states continue to struggle with cases. Queensland has returned to a Covid-normal life.

States allowing internationals to quarantine in hotels, continue to import the deadly strains.

Hotels are not 100 per cent guaranteed to prevent air and stranger transmission, as is the current status in Victoria.

Victoria seems to fail to be clear of Covid completely; its government crying poor.

Governments not playing by the Covid rules, not avoiding large gatherings such as sporting matches, are paying dearly.

Now NSW is in jeopardy, with Covid spread from Victoria. The cost to our economy and life is terminal.

It’s a deadly lesson. Prevention is ensuring mandatory testing and vaccination.

Individuals refusing are playing with fire. Incoming internationals exacerbate the Covid fallout.

The horse has bolted.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on council's green waste charges.
Harry's view on council's green waste charges.


Friends of the Biloela Tamil family detained on Christmas Island since 2019 say three-year-old Tharnicaa has been diagnosed with untreated pneumonia. It’s believed the untreated illness led to the youngster’s suspected blood infection.

Louise Salter: Disgraceful.

Elizabeth Winston: The treatment of this family is disgusting. This government is a disgrace. I am sure they would not treat their animals like this.

Chris Topher: So send them back already. They’ve already cost us enough.

Lawrie Capell: Out of sight, out of mind approach by the government then forget they are out there.

Helga Dawson-kerr: For Christ sake just let them go home to Biloela. This is so cruel.


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