Harry's view on Rockhampton Mayoral Election Debate.
Harry's view on Rockhampton Mayoral Election Debate.

LETTERS: Push for more women in public office


Women in parliament

Did you know only 35 per cent of Members of parliament in Australia are women?

I want to encourage more women to consider nominating for public office across Australia.

I'm so grateful for the support and mentorship offered by female business and community leaders in CQ who encouraged me to nominate for public office back in 2013.

And I'm equally grateful for the Australian Labor Party for its commitment to promoting women into politics.

My alma mater, QUT, is again running its renowned Pathways to Politics for women course.

I understand the program is fully funded by philanthropic donations and requires an application from prospective participants.

I welcome any applicants from our local region and I'd encourage you to contact me if you're interested in this program.

There's been a bit of discussion about my support for my friend Nyree Johnson in the upcoming mayoral by election.

If any CQ women are interested in this pathways to politics program and would like my support, reach out to my office and I'm happy to consider writing a letter of support or helping you with the application process.

More information is available here - https://www.qut.edu.au/study/professional-and-executive-education/pathways-to-politics-for-women

Brittany Lauga MP, Member for Keppel, Assistant Minister for Education



Harry's view on Rockhampton Mayoral Election Debate.
Harry's view on Rockhampton Mayoral Election Debate.



ANON. This Australia government is going to put the whole country in lock down by letting the tennis go ahead. They are risking the health of every Aussie.

LPMC. Another incompetent Qld Labor State Govt dept, Qld Treasury, is taking up to 17 weeks to approve the $25,000 Building Grant. This govt have employed over 30,000 extra workers, well where are they again, not in this dept. When contacted, they won't give advice and tell you to seek solicitors advice, I know, it happened to me. Productively in many govt depts requires urgent attention but with no leadership it will be same old same old.




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