LETTERS TO EDITOR: Road safety and constitutional recognition


School holidays are fast approaching and it is important to remember to be prepared before taking any long road trips.

Have your vehicle checked, in regards to good tyres and in regards to maintenance and servicing, ensuring that you don’t have a break down along the way.

Plan for delays and rest breaks so that you are under no pressure when you are driving, put some great music on and enjoy the trip.

Drive to the conditions of the road, if the road surface is rough or wet and slippery, slow down to assist traction or damage from striking a huge pot hole.

Be aware of wild life, such as kangaroos, as they are 100% unpredictable, don’t assume that they will move away from your approaching vehicle, so slow down to improve your stopping distance and reaction time. It takes 1.5 seconds for the average human brain to react to an event and at 100km/hr you have travelled 415.5 meters before a reaction takes place such as applying the brake.

The road toll in Queensland is higher than the same time last year, please consider the fatal 5 while travelling and arrive to your destination safely.

Leyland Barnett

North Rockhampton


Can someone please explain to me what this call for constitutional recognition is all about?

Isn’t the constitution already there for all Australians?

It seems to me that all those making a living out of this “Aboriginal Industry” will never be happy. The more nonsense they can come up with the more money that goes into their pockets. Just think of how many people are kept in a job thanks to this industry.

There is no doubt that Australia is rife with racism but I’m sorry to inform all you “do-gooders” out there that it is all coming from Aboriginal Australians and those pushing this Aboriginal Industry.

I’ve just watched as much as I could handle of the ABC Breakfast News before turning off the TV as their guest Linda Burney, the Shadow Minister for indigenous Australians, stated how the Aboriginal Leaders have been so responsible during this Covid19 crisis. What a load of absolute codswollip! But I guess we can expect these comments from a politician who said that we need to listen to the cries of the people protesting against institutional racism and deaths in custody. No mention of the spread of the virus into a second wave and putting the lives of all Australians at risk and all our elderly at extreme risk.

One has to ask why the ABC presenter didn’t take her to task on this after she said how responsible they have all been.

While we have the ABC pushing the Aboriginal Industries agenda there is no hope for common sense in this country.

Surely wanting to include a specific race into our Australian Constitution is the epitome of racism?

Just once when I fill out a government form I’d like to be asked the question as to whether my family is in need of assistance or can I pay the electricity bill, or even do I have enough money to feed them at the moment. Instead all I get asked is whether I am an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander.

Yes, racism is rife in this country and those leading the charge are our own Governments and our own ABC.

David McLintock,



ANDY, NMN GDENS: I love renewables. My rooftop solar reduces my power bill to near zero. I’d like to thank those renting and poorer who subsidised half my installation cost and feedin tariff for ever. Pity they can’t afford them, they are the best middle class welfare ever! In Germany rooftop solar is described as the greatest shift of wealth from the poor to the rich ever devised. Renewables reality.

PETER, ROCKY: Toowoomba are pushing for 20,000 seat stadium, using the Olympics as their reason for the build. Sunshine Coast are asking for a $50 million upgrade for NRL games and the Olympics too. We get local ALP pushing the ridiculous Browne Park Proposal and the LNP and ON pushing Vict Park for $23 million. Oh to be so worthy of something decent for CQ. Really tired of CQ supporting SE QLD. The ALP and LNP both want the SE QLD Olympic Games, paid for by CQ Coal royalties. CQU site or a site at the Cap Coast with a surf lakes built next to it is the best option for CQ moving forward. Except nothing less CQ you are worth it.

FVILLE: French Ave dogs fighting at 6.50am in the morning. Good work council...not kept awake.

GOLDEN BOOT: I read somewhere that Australian holidays will be heavily discounted. I think the opposite, we’ll be ripped off.

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