Letters to the ed: Do we need crocs in the Brisbane River?


Crocs in the Brisbane river
If it wasn’t scary it would be funny.

A 4 meter croc seen off the main beach at Yeppoon.

Man taken from his boat in the Hinchinbrook Island region.

Croc steals fisherman’s catch off the beach at Cardwell and the list goes on.

All that the parks service states that unless the animal poses an immediate threat, it’s fine.

So we will see more and more people taken – such as the person in the Hinchinbrook region?

So unless we see one in the Brisbane river the powers that be will never understand the threat they pose.

Recently a pig hunter lost one of his dogs to a croc, the nearest water was four kilometres away.

So much for encroaching on their territory.

Surely there is a better way to control their spread.

One way might be to allow farms to collect the eggs thus reducing the numbers going into the wild.

Another would be to remove crocs seen in populated areas such as Yeppoon’s main beach immediately rather than wait until an incident occurs.

Because any one who says they are a threatened species obviously has not been in North Queensland on a summer’s evening spotlighting.

We are no longer the alpha predator on the states waterways, but lunch if we are not careful.

– Mark, Berserker


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