LETTERS TO THE ED: Humanity can’t influence natural forces


Why is Australia compared with other developed nations when India and China are exempt?

We, as a nation, are continued criticised by other countries and scientists for not “doing more to reduce CO2 emissions”, that I believe is a baseless argument. And outline below is examples.

The government needs to present and argue that if India and China are exempt because they are considered as developing nations and have no reduction imposed, we should also be exempt because geographical with our population distribution should not be compared to Europe and the USA.

The benchmark of CO2 per capita I believe is not sustainable in this argument.

The number of power stations and transmission grids distances to service this population and industry vastly out numbers those required in Europe and the USA.

Then there is the transport infrastructure using semi-trailer trucks and rail and distances to again, service the population and industry, compared to Europe cannot be used in comparable statistics when applied to CO2 emissions.

Australia has no nuclear generation and is 100 per cent dependant on fossil fuels, coal being the cheapest, and we have the highest quality thermal coal on Earth.

If China and India are allowed exemptions for particular reasons, why is Australia compared to Europe and the USA?

Is it because we’re an Anglo based nation applying Western cultural attitudes and lifestyle?

Based on the examples given, I reject the use of per cent per capita as the benchmark and the facts that Australia’s contribution of CO2 is about 1.5 per cent of total anthropogenic CO2 production.

Science states that if Australia produced zero CO2, it would not change anything globally.

I have to disagree with the argument put and the opinions of all those voicing an opinion concerning Australia’s intransigency of not following the European methodology to reduce CO2.

We are a sovereign nation that is not affecting the warming/cooling of the planet, and I believe that humanity cannot influence natural forces.

In closing, NASA recording of Earth temperature over the past decade when compared to those recorded over the previous couple of decades show the planet is cooling. Why?

– Robert S Buick, Mountain Creek


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