LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Build a dam at Yaamba, not a levy


Rather than building a levy around Depot Hill, build a dam upstream from Yamba with two spillways divert 50 per cent of the water to Broadsound and 50 per cent into the Fitzroy at flood time.

This would halve flooding in Rockhampton. The Fitzroy once flowed into Broadsound many years ago.

The benefits are too numerous to mention.

- Lyle Fielding, Taranganba


SHANE, WANDAL: The opening of the border but stopping Victorians makes sense. Not worth the risk with all those cases from down there

SMITH, ETNA CREEK: So the Broncos coach drops Corey Oates for this week's game. Gee that'll work... you gotta be kidding me the way the whole team's been going and you drop the winger who most games makes more metres than some forwards. Coach has lost the plot. 

SHANE, WANDAL: Sadly I can't see the two opposing views on the stadium ever coming to agreement. My thought is Browne Park makes sense more than a pie in the sky dream.

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