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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Builders buoyed by new development


Builders buoyed by new development

Builders have been buoyed by the announcement the HomeBuilder pre-approval process is now live, breathing life into the industry as it continues to stave off the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The confirmation from the Queensland Office of State Revenue means first home buyers can now have the $25,000 grant considered as part of their deposit, boosting lending eligibility.

After tirelessly lobbying against the glitch, which wasn’t the original intention of the grant, it’s a win for the industry and consumers alike.

Builders on the ground have reported a number of contracts that have fallen over because the application process did not allow lenders to consider the grant when determining loan eligibility, so this announcement will address that issue.

This is the kind of considered decision making and forward-thinking we are calling for, from all sides of politics, in the lead-up to the Queensland Election.

Both major parties have acknowledged the important role that building and construction will play in supporting Queensland through the post-COVID economic recovery, so it’s vital that any stimulus measures announced are not hampered by arbitrary rules and red tape.

Paul Bidwell,

Master Builders Deputy CEO.

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Harry's View
Harry's View


THE YETI, YEPPOON. Who was the genius at LSC that decided it would be a great idea to close off the toilets and showers at the Lagoon at the start of the school holidays and as the weather warms up.

ANT. Paul Hoolihan (TMB 18 Sept), you maybe correct with your prediction regarding One Nation not winning Government. I do think it won’t be long until they do and then it will be Labors fault, as they have lost touch with their grass roots. Many will also remember the LNP for their failures.

ANON. the gov has been to generous with job seeker payments with tax’s payers cash who would go to work if your on that sort of cash rocket scientist they are not an thank God for that or we be all up ship creek with out a paddle.


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