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How does Rockhampton Council determine rates?

IS IT true that Rockhampton Council decides a house is a rental if the rates go to a PO Box?

This matters because Rockhampton Regional Council charges higher land rates on rentals than on owner occupied houses.

If it is true, then owner occupiers with PO Box addresses should be asking Rockhampton Council to check and see they are NOT being charged landlord's rates.

It won't help us as we get charged landlord's rates despite this being our home, but it might help others to be aware so they can check they are not being over-charged.

Margaret Strelow, Rockhampton Region Mayor responds:

"A post office address can be one of the things that triggers Council asking the question about whether the owner lives in a property.

"In fact when we first introduced the non-owner occupier category we assumed that properties where a rates notice was sent to either an out-of-town address or to a PO box were in the new category. And then there was a process for people to come back to us to prove that they lived in the house.

"There is always the opportunity for a property owner to make sure our record is correct. You will be able to tell which Category of Rates you are being charged because the category is listed on your rates notice and there is a list of what the different codes mean.

"As always, if anyone has any questions about their rates please give us a call on 1300 22 55 77 or email us at"




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