Harry's view on gas versus coal debate.
Harry's view on gas versus coal debate.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Nature may be our saving grace


Nature may be our saving grace

LIVING in Mount Morgan, I have so much of Queensland’s natural heritage at my fingertips.

Our national parks bring life and light to our area of Capricornia – from Mount Archer National Park to Eungella National Park and all of the areas of bush and beach in between. They’re havens for wildlife, they’re escapes for Queenslanders, and they provide jobs taking care of threats like fires, weeds and feral animals.

Our nature is the very thing that may be able to save us during these uncertain times.

Living so close to the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, it has been good to see the Queensland Government starting to invest in programs that support both people and nature. New projects under the Reef Assist program will connect people with nature by employing locals to keep our precious landscapes healthy for future generations.

As Queensland grapples with COVID-19, we mustn’t lose sight of what’s important to us and continue to protect and care for Queensland’s native plants and animals for the generations to come.

That means properly funding national parks, nature refuges and land management jobs as a priority.

Trish Mathers, Mount Morgan


Harry's view on gas versus coal debate.
Harry's view on gas versus coal debate.


Photos showed the models laying on top of graves at South Rockhampton Cemetery, which some residents said was unacceptable.

Kylie N Charleigh Maunder: I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me feels really uneasy about someone laying on a grave especially considering we were always taught not to walk on graves accidentally much less lay on them. This is kinda in poor taste during COVID but I do wonder if they had specific permission for this.

Maylouise Martin: What if they were granted permission? Different people have different morals.

John Fitz: So many things people do in society are unacceptable … but yeah we let them get away with it.

Kim Dale: When I was a kid, visiting our loved ones on Sundays was the best part of the day, we where given strict orders not to walk over old graves or in between them, and pay respect to all on leaving, once home had to have a shower or get under the hose to “wash off” any “followers” from our visit! I do hope they did the same!

Mitchell Burrows: Why is blowing up Indigenous heritage sites for mining any different? Very disrespectful to the memories of the dead and to the living who seek to remember them.

Jane Simmons: It would be polite to at least seek permission before “using” anyone’s grave or memorial.

Dale Simpson: The dead don’t care. A lot of those graves are a century old. Who’s still mourning someone from 1906. They aren’t desecrating anything or making fun of the dead. Calm down.