A Morning Bulletin letter writer has taken a swipe at One Nation.
A Morning Bulletin letter writer has taken a swipe at One Nation.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘One Nation will never be in power’



The narrow minded statement by the One Nation candidate for Keppel that “jobs and infrastructure must be the number one priority for Keppel residents at the State election” ignores the fact that they are the number one priority for every electorate in the State.

Unfortunately for him, the Labor government already has effective plans and actions for infrastructure and job creation for Keppel and the whole State in their Recovery Plan for Queensland while there would be no chance of One Nation or the LNP under Deb Frecklington doing anything in this area.

You need to be in government to achieve anything, and One Nation will never be in that position and the LNP would have to cut and sack, rather that create jobs, to support our economic recovery.

Paul Hoolihan


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ANON. Disappointing that there is a lack of media coverage of the Ergon Energy network group supplying and arranging installation of approx., 20,000 voltage and current monitoring devices. They will be fitted to customers switchboards across Queensland, including R’ton. This trial is planned to take place between the months of September 2020 to February 2021. It’s about keeping our households and the electricity network “reliable and safe”. And prepare for a future of increased solar systems and new technologies, such as electric vehicles and battery storage devices.

ANON. Hanson is the only one that come an got the ball rolling on the people stadium it Rocky we need polliies that don’t minded having a crack well done to the bush fire blonde.

ANON. the labor gov of QLD need to build more low cost housing the only think on there mind is how much cash r they going to get in there very generous retirement joke an it’s on us low income.

AS. I hope the Rocky Sports Club went and put Landry’s $23 million cheque straight in the bank. If it wasn’t put in the bank it must mean it was a political stunt. Which means the $23 million was not real!!!


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