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Harry’s view

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Police should waive the fines’

Country pubs and police insulted by State Government crackdown

Dear Sir/Madam,

There is something wrong with a government using Covid-19 restrictions to send undercover police to crack down on country pubs while turning a blind eye to an anti-police protest in Brisbane.

In this Labor State Government’s pantheon of public relations failures, this has to be among the worst.

Not only were the Brisbane protests anti-police, they were in flagrant breach of virus protocols Annastacia Palaszczuk insisted were there for our own protection.

While Queenslanders have every right to feel insulted, how insulted must police have felt to be abandoned by a State Government who didn’t see a problem allowing thousands of people to breach restrictions so they could scream how racist our officers supposedly are?

Then just to really torpedo the image of police, they send the Flying Squad out west – where there are zero Covid cases – to throw the book at struggling pubs hoping to survive the Covid crisis.

This is a State Government whose priorities are all wrong and it should be held to account.

Under Labor, police are allowed to be openly mocked in Brisbane, and country publicans are treated like criminals.

This situation is beyond parody: there is one rule for Brisbane-based activists, and another for people in the West desperately trying to save their livelihoods.

The owner of the Federal Hotel in Wallumbilla about 400km west of Brisbane, was fined for not covering the pool table and leaving two empty stubbies out after working 16 hours straight. It should be noted that the publicly listed population of Wallumbilla is 388.

When I last visited, there was no international airport, no cruise ship terminal and no busloads of tourists flocking to the town.

This crackdown is symptomatic of a State Government that has no idea, no common sense and no compassion – unless you want to risk spreading a serious virus to gather and scream “F… the police”.

Police Minister Mark Ryan should immediately waive these fines and apologise. Not just to the publicans, but also to the officers who have had to endure a public relations nightmare under his watch.

Susan McDonald

LNP Senator for Queensland

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SN, YPN: Tom Bradbury’s long explanation of how renewable electricity generation is cheaper, 3/7, fails to address the basic reality. It is a fact that countries with the most renewables generation also have the highest power bills. This due to the cost of “firming”, ie, making up for renewables unreliability, usually with expensive gas. Eg Denmark, 40% renewables, most expensive power. Similarly SA. If renewables are cheaper they don’t need $2.4 bill in subsidies PA.

JEN: Perhaps Ms Landry might show the courage to ask everyone from the Cap Coast and Rocky council areas to email her, Mr O’Rourke and perhaps the bully for their vote on any proposed stadium site. I would like to here from Paul Houlihan specifically how the CQU site does not stack up to Browne Park? Browne Park proposal is a joke! Less the 200 supporting original submissions, and 73% of 170 online voters did not support Browne Park. Let the public decide with a formal vote please. Qld Govt won’t let that happen because it will embarrass their Browne Park proposal.

SHANE, WANDAL: I always find it interesting when there is a top 50 or so people in a community countdown. What is forgotten is the every day people that make things happen, teach our kids, clean our shopping centres and truck our produce. although many are worthy so are we all. So I hope that number 1 is everyone

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