Harry's view on the Rockhampton Flood Levee.
Harry's view on the Rockhampton Flood Levee.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Rubbish in our gardens


Rubbish in our gardens

Dear People,

I am Eliza and I am Levi and we are at kindy, Rocky South Kindy.

We went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens to pick up rubbish, count the bins and check that no-one feed the birds.

We found rubbish, a lot of rubbish, two bags of rubbish. We picked it up and came back to sort it, some can be recycled.

People need to put their rubbish in the bin so that it can go to the dump.

The rubbish could go down to the lagoon, the river or the ocean.

It could go into a animals tummy and make them sick and could die.

We counted 24 bins, that is a lot, but there were no bins at the playground and we found lots of rubbish there.

People need to put rubbish in the bin or take it home if there is no bin and not feed the birds.

Eliza and Levi, for the Peacock Children

It’s time to overhaul child protection in Qld

With a state election fast approaching, it is important that we seriously consider what is at stake as we prepare to cast our votes.

According to data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, currently in Queensland there are more than 8,100 children in out-of-home care.

These are kids who deserve every opportunity to belong in a family – and a home – that is safe, loving and permanent.

In addition to this, about 31,600 children received child protection services across our state last year.

And all too frequently we are shocked to hear instances of children in Queensland dying in atrocious circumstances, often at the hands of neglectful and abusive parents.

In June the coronial report into the tragic death of toddler Mason Jett Lee, who was bashed to death by his stepdad in 2016, exposed a child protection system in Queensland that needs urgent reform.

I agree that it is time for decisive action.

LNP leader Deb Frecklington and her team have announced that if elected, they will deliver the comprehensive change that I believe our state is crying out for when it comes to keeping our most vulnerable kids safe.

The LNP’s child protection package is an impressive body of work that will ensure our kids are protected at all costs.

At the centre of these reforms is an overhaul of the Queensland Department of Child Safety – which will be renamed the Child Protection Force.

Staffed 24 hours a day, police will be embedded within the Child Protection Force so that investigators can respond immediately to severe cases of abuse.

The LNP will deliver a new, tough approach when it comes to drug use by parents.

They will introduce random and mandatory drug testing for all families who are known to child protection authorities.

Positive tests for certain substances will require the completion of a rehabilitation program, and for parents who fail a second test, their children will be placed into foster care.

For kids who have been removed from dangerous homes and cannot be safely reunited with their family, adoption will be more genuinely considered as a permanency option where appropriate.

There is also a strategy to recruit more foster carers, implement a trial to increase the age of out-of-home care from 18 to 21 years old, and introduce a new performance reporting framework for senior child safety executives.

Addressing the complex, entrenched and often intergenerational problems of child protection requires major and wholesale improvement – and that’s what this package represents.

In Australia child protection legislation is the responsibility of the states and territories, and that is why this upcoming election is so important.

A Queensland LNP Government led by Deb Frecklington will make child safety a priority.

On October 31 they need your support to help make it happen.

Michelle Landry, Federal Member for Capricornia and Assistant Minister for Children and Families


Harry's view on the Rockhampton Flood Levee.
Harry's view on the Rockhampton Flood Levee.


LPMC. So the popularity of the Member for Keppel has fallen by 9 per cent, no wonder, because she is full of promises and no action, time for a change.

ANON. The cops need find these clowns that are threatening our health officer and jail these idiots. These clowns are not true Aussie’s they are something that climbs out from under a rock. Last time I looked it’s an offence to threaten somebody. Jail these fool that are attacking the one person that’s keeping QLD safe. Wake up fools, this is called tough love.

ANON. Regarding R’ton Stadium Funding; $23m has now been given to our proposed stadium by the Australian Govt, which is approx. 25 per cent of the $100m given by them towards the construction of the Townsville Stadium. Now to be fair to both Queensland cities, R’ton and Townsville, the Queensland govt should come clean “proportionally” with $35m, which is approx. 25 per cent of the $140m that they gave as their share to the Townsville stadium. At the end of the day, this money belongs to ALL taxpayers, and governments are accountable as to how our money is spent.


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