LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: State’s dire road toll prediction


Road rules; Keys to safety

Police fear Queensland could be headed for one of its worst road tolls in more than a decade, with drivers put on notice for making “absolutely stupid decisions” behind the wheel.

More than 80 people have died in traffic crashes so far this year — at least 20 more than the same time in 2020.

Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder said 25 of the fatalities were motorcyclists.

“Three hundred lives lost is quite possible this year unless we really start turning things around … and it’s been well over a decade since we’ve had 300 people killed on Queensland roads,” he said.” By Lily Nothling 8/03/2021 ABC.

The amount of dangerous driving that I have witnessed and caught on dash cam with in the last two weeks certainly indicates that a prediction of over 300 lives lost on our roads in Qld this year is very imminent.

How many people on our roads today have actually purchased or looked at a road rules book before obtaining their driver’s license and if they have, how many people bother to follow the road rules?

Road rules are in place to make our roads safer to commute on each day and if everyone followed the rules we would see fewer crashes and would see fewer fatalities on our roads.

People need to understand the give way rules; when doing a u-turn you must give way to all traffic; give way to the right at uncontrolled cross roads or where traffic lights have failed; give way to vehicles on a roundabout; give way to through traffic where your road ends at a T-intersection and obey road markings, signs and traffic lights.

Indicators are not optional extras fitted to the vehicle; they are there to warn other motorists of what you intend to do so that traffic can flow along smoothly and not leave anyone guessing causing hesitation.

Do not ignore road closed signs that are in place to prevent people from driving through flooded crossings; you cannot see through murky flood waters and a road or bridge could be washed away.

Do people understand the risks of going into sharp corners at speed; especially on loose gravel surfaces or wet roads. Slow down and always drive to the conditions of the prevailing weather and road conditions if you want to survive the drive.

Do yourself and your family a favour by understanding and following the road rules to make our roads safer for everyone.

We can all make a difference towards reducing road fatalities including the police blitzing motorists on all traffic rules, as when fines start to hurt people’s bank balances then they may very well see the need to study up on the road rules.

Stay safe, check that your tyres are in good condition and buy a road rules book.

- Leyland Barnett, Berserker


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LPMC. We hear that 70 per cent of Councils are in financial strife. Well is the LSC in that group? The answer is, yep. Legacy projects will cost ratepayers a fortune in maintenance and repairs for years to come. Blind Freddy could see the Queensland Government and local councils have outspent their revenue. It’s crunch time, no mun, no fun. Tax and ratepayers deserve better, if you were a private business the doors would be shut by now. Editor’s note: Hi LPMC, we did a breakdown of the report for CQ councils. It found LSC had a moderate financial risk. You can read the full story here.

ANON. Your writer (23/4) referring to the “horrifying footage” (as they claim) on live animal export should really do some wider reading. That footage has already been discredited as fake. Only a little knowledge is dangerous.


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