Harry's view on NRLs move to ditch Australian Anthem for State of Origin series.
Harry's view on NRLs move to ditch Australian Anthem for State of Origin series.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Teachers deserve our thanks today


C&K celebrates World Teachers Day

This World Teachers Day (30 October), C&K celebrates the incredible role that early childhood teachers play in building a lifelong love of learning for Queensland children.

It has been a particularly challenging year for teachers.

They deserve our thanks and appreciation for continuing to provide high-quality education and care through innovative ways of teaching and learning.

This World Teachers Day and beyond, I encourage the community to take a moment to thank their teacher for all of the amazing work they do every day – they’ve earned!

Jane Bourne, C&K CEO

Speaking up

The local LNP reckon I don’t speak about coal in Parliament.

But they’ve clearly forgotten the time earlier this year when I urged them to approve the Olive Downs metallurgical coal mine in CQ which involves 500 construction jobs and 1000 operational jobs.

They must have also forgotten the times I spoke in support of Industrial Manslaughter laws to protect coal mine workers (which the LNP and One Nation did not support in the Parliament). Not to mention the dozens of times I’ve spoken about improving resource industry worker safety and ending casualisation in the industry.

Perhaps the Member for Capricornia can recall the time she visited Tieri when Glencore had locked 200 permanent workers out of their jobs for over 200 days.

Instead of visiting the workers, Ms Landry hung out at the races with the mine bosses.

Why did the LNP vote against industrial manslaughter laws in the Parliament which protect the safety of workers?

Why did One Nation speak against the laws?

This is something the local LNP and One Nation candidates in Keppel have remained absolutely silent about.

And why has it taken the LNP 18 months to re-introduce casualisation laws which they let lapse in the Federal Parliament in May last year?

The LNP say they’re for coal but they’re actually just for mine bosses and companies.

Brittany Lauga, Labor Member for Keppel


Harry's view on NRLs move to ditch Australian Anthem for State of Origin series.
Harry's view on NRLs move to ditch Australian Anthem for State of Origin series.


I8BS. Editor, where do we go to view ALL the local death/funeral notices,? Many of them either are not listed in TMB or the obituaries search engine fails to find them. Recent examples - there have been a number of news stories about the deaths of Wayne Twigg and Dennis Assay, but no funeral notices, so where are they? Also, the “mytributes” page in the digital edition has notices from all over the state, but very rarely any from Rockhampton. Why? Editor’s note: Hi there, the notices listed on the MyTributes page are those that have been listed with TMB. It is up to the families of loved ones lost and the funeral companies to place the listings/notices, and while we are encouraging them to do so, unfortunately the uptake has been slow.


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