Letters to the Editor 28 Dec 20
Letters to the Editor 28 Dec 20

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: the real message of Christmas


Christmas Meaning

As a Dad of two, and also a Grandad of five beautiful Grandkids now all grown up, I find it’s sad when reading some of the emails I received, and how some people seem to think that Christmas for them has come and gone - just like any other day.

I guess and can understand how not having little kids racing around with toys all over the joint from opening their presents, can lead to this absence of the true meaning of Christmas.

The message that Christmas should give is one of “hope”; this can be achieved when one recalls how this all came about in the first place, and to remember to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday each year on December 25th !

Seasons greetings to all readers and staff at TMB.


Frenchville lights up

I’d like to thank all the people in Murphy Street, Frenchville, who were able to put up Christmas lights on their houses this year.

They were lovely, and a real joy to look at.

Thank you very, very much!

Jo, Frenchville

State of Health

The Public Hospital Major Surgery backlog is now extended to 2022, why is our Qld Health Dept in such a mess. Again, promises were made to fix this disgraceful service, but I forgot, we have another 4 years of disappointment.



UK-based nurse, originally from Woolongong, is one of the first Australians to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, describes it as a “relief”.

Bec Uziel: I’m in no way anti-vax, but I’m certainly not going to give myself, or my children, a vaccination that has not been adequately tested for side effects etc.

Brent N Cam: Absolutely! Fantastic news

Keith Morrell: I’ll wait for the test dummies and side effects for 6 months before I make a decision

Jan Doblo: Can’t wait to get mine.

Greg Wilson: Just like when they said smoking was fine and cool

Christine Hunt: I got my hand up for the Covid jab can not wait if these people did what health people gov tells them to stay in doors for two weeks you stay in for two weeks my travel plans would not be up in the air