Letter writer Stephen Boyce is calling of sports fans to get behind David Swallow and his Gold Coast Suns teammates. Photo: Graham Denholm/AFL Photos via Getty Images
Letter writer Stephen Boyce is calling of sports fans to get behind David Swallow and his Gold Coast Suns teammates. Photo: Graham Denholm/AFL Photos via Getty Images

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Time to get behind Lions, Suns


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The Broncos are in a sorry state of affairs and now maybe it is time for Queenslanders to learn about real man's football - AFL.

I would encourage everybody to change their allegiance to the Lions and the Suns.

Let's support Dayne Zorko and David Swallow and the boys as the Lions are third and the Suns second on the AFL ladder.

AFL is a national game where NRL is only the east coast. Go the Lions and Suns.

Stephen Boyce, Booval


SN, YPN (text 4/7/20) tells us that electricity costs in Denmark, with 40% renewables, are very high because firming is required to cover the intermittency of renewable generation. There are causes of this that are not firming.

Below is a quote from a Danish English language newspaper: "Danes pay the highest electricity prices in the EU thanks to extensive taxes and fees, a new analysis from the European electricity association Eurelectric shows."

In 2014, a full 66 per cent of the average Dane's electricity bill went to taxes and fees, while just 15 per cent of the cost was for electricity itself and another 18 per cent covered transport.

This put Denmark head and shoulders above the rest of the EU. Only Germany came marginally close to Denmark's level of taxation, with German consumers paying 52 per cent in electricity taxes.

SN, what are SA and PA?

Tom Bradbury, Norman Gardens.




Harry's View
Harry's View



ANON: Keep our borders shut Premier. Victoria cannot be trusted to stay there.

MMC Rocky: AS, the question of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent on forms is for statistical purposes only. Also the "Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia ...to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland..." failed to recognise the 60,000 year long existence of First Peoples Nations.

RN. No dancing at weddings but Black Lives Matter protests are ok. What a load of crap. Why won't this Qld State Government show some leadership.

ANDY, NMN GDNS. Green lives matter. Protesting should be seen as a form of employment. It is fundamental to a modern democracy that those who care about our environment and sustainable society be able to guide our direction. We should allow activists and their movements to count their activities toward the "mutual obligation" for JobSeeker. This will multiply the $30K already raised for the return of the Adani blockade.

ANON: another night game, what a load of crap. Lions play in dew, they train in the dew. Bit unfair for teams travelling. Why can't they play in the day? I smell a rat.

GH: Today, Friday 3rd July, was traveling home from south Rocky going towards The Caves and we followed all the way a car loaded up with people and gear from Victoria. I wonder how they got through the border into Qld? I think we are going to see a lot of the virus being brought into Qld over the next few weeks. Cannot trust some people whom think the rules don't apply to them.

ANON: What a shame. If someone could have stepped up to the plate and got us a multi stadium in CQ we could have bid to have a NRL or AFL game here. But old CQ will remain A COW TOWN.

PO, ALLENSTOWN: McDonalds drive through off Gladstone Road… the holes are so big people's cars nearly disappear.

PS, ROCKHAMPTON: In regards with the proposal for a stadium and where they should build it in Rocky. I do not think Victoria Park would be the best place suitable at all. There are way too many other community activities already down there. Realistically has anyone ever thought about how anyone else would ever be able to gain entry and find car parks to utilise what already is there. When this stadium is in full swing. The swimming pool, the dinosaur park, the pontoons for fishing or BBQs, walking tracks, basketball, tennis, Rocky Sports Club, football, bowls, Victoria Park gymnasium etc. I know for a fact I wouldn't like to cart my fishing gear or party stuff for miles either. It's hard enough now to get parks sometimes. Never lone the cost in flood proofing the area. Browne Park the home of rugby league would be the better option or out of town too.