Harry's view on Virgin Australia cuts.
Harry's view on Virgin Australia cuts.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Together we can make a difference


THE state election is only approximately 90 days away and it is important that we consider what is best for Rockhampton and Keppel regions, in regards to representation.

Rockhampton used to be the second major city in Queensland supporting industries such as; a tannery; Macs brewery; Taffy soft drinks and had strong support in regards to the railway with workshops.

The jobs created from these industries were generational jobs that opened up opportunities for young people to gain a trade through apprenticeships and hard work.

What has happened to Rockhampton today after being represented by the ALP for over 30 years?

I read an article by Barbara Webster, “2001 ASSLH conference – Peak union industrial bodies in Rockhampton: Formation, function and fates” labourhistorycanberra.org/2014/11/2001-conference-peak-union-industrial-bodies-in-rockhampton/ and found that it was very interesting especially in the claim that “Rockhampton peak union bodies lacked industrial purpose and power. Rather, they were more ideologically motivated and served a primarily political function.”

Political motivation instead of industrial motivation may be the answer to why Brisbane and other towns have surpassed Rockhampton in regards to strong industrial growth that supports real full time jobs instead of temporary construction jobs where the labour force can be out sourced?

We need to give the youth of today the same opportunities that we have had in the past by supporting someone who has industry experience and is prepared to fight for us in Rockhampton and Keppel.

I believe we should seriously review the candidates before voting, to determine the best future for Rockhampton and Keppel regions and secure a future for our younger generation.

The LNP have two great candidates for our regions, Tony Hopkins for Rockhampton, a well know transport industry businessman and Adrian De Groot for Keppel, a well respected businessman in the community.

Together we can make a difference.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton


Harry's view on Virgin Australia cuts.
Harry's view on Virgin Australia cuts.


ANON. My ongoing visit to our local medical centre recently included a “catch up” with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a few years. He asked me if I was still sending in letters to TMB as he hadn’t become a digital subscriber yet. I said “yes”, and how we are slowly getting used to the digital format since becoming a digital subscriber with our new Samsung tablet. We discussed how on average there used to be about five letters to the editor and 20 text messages each day in the old paper edition of TMB, and it was sad to see that this was no longer the case with the digital edition. This leads me to surmise, I guess, that the opinion pages of the old Bully were mainly filled by readers of the old paper edition who haven’t bothered yet to become digital subscribers.

MOOSE, DEPOT HILL. News just through 4pm 6/8. People who didn’t vote in Queensland Council Elections will not be fined. Another win for the little guy. Not that I would have paid it anyway.


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