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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: What is a virtual rate freeze?


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RRC Budget

Can some please tell me what a “virtual rate freeze” is, in regards to the latest budget?

Is it a rate freeze when you’re not getting a rate freeze?

A concession of 70 dollars is not a rate freeze; in fact the general rates have gone up 2.95 per cent and in comparison to the consumer price index for March 2020 at 2.2 per cent (Australian Bureau of Statistics 29/4/20).

The rates are continuing to climb above the CPI which means rate payers have less disposable income to pay for the continuous increases.

Is this budget going to help the battlers especially after the concession has been paid; the rates are still going up?

The RRC is going to borrow 29.4 million dollars to cater for the capital program, why?

This is a suggestion; the levee bank project has blown out 60 million to 180 million in two years and is unlikely to proceed.

Why not can this project that will save local government approx. 30 million, state and federal government 25 million each, surely this money should be redirected to projects that are shovel ready towards creating immediate jobs for our community?

Where is the accountability for the pensioners and struggling rate payers that continue to try and survive especially when you see works projects being dragged out such as Alexandra Street that has been going on for nearly two years?

There are plenty of roads that need attention and there is no need to drag your feet on any one project, surely?

The budget needs to be reviewed as it is not affectively helping battlers as is being suggested, it appears to be smoke and mirrors?

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton


Livingstone Shire Council denies request for road closure near shooting range.
Livingstone Shire Council denies request for road closure near shooting range.


AS. Please Annastacia Palaszczuk close the borders again. Victoria today (Thursday) reported in the news they have another 317 new virus. Plus more from Sydney from Crossroads hotel, more each day that is spreading quickly. We will have it brought into Qld in no time. Just seen driving north through Parkhurst a 4WD and caravan from Victoria. How in the world did these grey nomads get into Qld. Mark my words in a short time it will be back in Qld if the borders are not closed now.