Harry's view on the upcoming election debates.
Harry's view on the upcoming election debates.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Who can you trust this election?


Who can you trust?

The election is now in full swing in Queensland with many proposals and policies starting to be revealed from the major and minor parties.

I believe most Queenslanders are well aware of the facts; Queensland was in trouble financially before the COVID pandemic, 90 billion in debt.

Campbell Newman can no longer be blamed for the current economic crisis that Qld is in today, as the ALP have been in power for 25 out of the past 30 years.

The LNP would be absolutely crazy to look at selling assets or sacking public servants as being claimed, more desperate ALP scare tactics?

The LNP intend to release a budget before the Qld election to support nation building projects, including four lanes for the Bruce Highway and a new Bradfield scheme for necessary water infrastructure.

Have the ALP learned anything from the last Federal election, where every polling booth in Rockhampton, was won by the LNP?

Bill Shorten made several promises, I believe, that would have impacted the community negatively such as not supporting coal mines and jobs in our region, Adani is a good example. He went to an election without disclosing a budget, expecting the community to trust his decisions.

The state ALP/Greens are doing the same, by not releasing a budget before the election to explain where the taxes are going to be applied to pay for their promises?

Who can you trust?

Lowest business confidence, highest bankruptcies and the highest unemployment rate, before COVID pandemic, ALP in power for 25 out of the last 30 years in Queensland, I believe it is time for a change and to “Get Queensland Working Again”.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton

Election fast tracks

The Olive Downs coal deposit was discovered by Utah Development Company. (I controlled some of the delineation drilling in about 1968)

So it only took +52 years to “fast-track” it in time for the coming election in Queensland.

I was also involved in Galilee Basin coal exploration.

The Alpha/Kevin’s Corner deposits were discovered at least 60 years ago.

Another “fast-track” gave Adani Mine the go-ahead before the last election in Queensland.

Maybe “No Hope Coal” at Acland will get “fast-track” approval for its mine extension just before the next election?

If it survives til then.

V iv Forbes, Washpool


Harry's view on the upcoming election debates.
Harry's view on the upcoming election debates.


ANON. Why don’t these pollies do something about public housing? It’s a desgrace in Queensland. Oh hang on, that’s in the too hard basket. Queensland Labor Government is a lost cause in this state.

CONCERNED ELVIS FAN. Dear Editor, Why does the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin have court lists for those appearing in court but doesn’t have reporting on same? Editor’s note: Hi there, the court list published on the Bulletin site is released publically by Quensland Courts each day. The Bulletin had a dedicated court reporter who attends supreme, district and magistrate court matters each day and compiles many, many stories - which can be found on our website. While we endeavour to cover as many court matters as possible, in some cases, there is not a story for each person listed as the matter may be adjourned, dismissed, the court was closed to the public, or the reporter may simply have missed it due to being in a different court room. I hope this helps.

ANON. The MB story page 5 Wednesday states that the state Labor party will build a warehouse for PPE, should this read the state taxpayers will build the warehouse.