Libby Trickett ready to let her 'dirty birdie' out more

Libby Trickett performs the Cha Cha with her dance partner Dannial Gosper in their 2013 Dancing With The Stars debut.
Libby Trickett performs the Cha Cha with her dance partner Dannial Gosper in their 2013 Dancing With The Stars debut. Contributed by Channel 7

FROM swimmers to sparkles, Libby Trickett is ready to get saucy on Dancing With The Stars.

The Olympic gold medallist plans to follow judge Todd McKenney's advice of letting her "dirty birdie" out more during her dance routines.

"I have to admit it was very confronting at first, so I'm trying to embrace it and as Todd said let my dirty birdie out," she said.

On Tuesday's series premiere, Trickett's Cha Cha was declared the best debut performance by any swimmer in the show's 13 seasons.

Despite coping with the pressures of competing on the world stage as an athlete, she admitted to a lot of pre-show nerves.

"The first dance we had such a long preparation time. It's the first opportunity to perform and you have no idea how it's going to roll," she said.

"I think particularly because I've never been through the process before it's quite daunting, and you never know how the judges are going to react."

But Trickett is in it to win, deferring her university studies for a semester to focus on the show. She is now training seven days a week with her dance partner Dannial Gosper.

"I do all or nothing," she said.

"I don't want to do things half-heartedly. This is such a rare and wonderful opportunity for me I just want to enjoy the experience."

Spending several hours in hair and makeup, and putting on a barely-there sequined frock are certainly new experiences for swimming's golden girl.

"This is a very different preparation schedule (to swimming)," she said.

"Before it was training 35 hours a week and putting my cap and goggles on. Now it's spray tans and getting my nails done and hair and makeup. I'm honestly loving every minute of it."

As the only Queensland celebrity on the show, Trickett hopes her weekly commute to Melbourne for the live Tuesday shows doesn't wear her down.

"If anything is going to be our undoing then that's going to be our undoing," she said.

"We have a long commute, but I'm used to travel and my partner's great so I think we'll be OK."

Trickett is currently sitting comfortably in the middle of the leader board, although she believes it's too early to call any of the celebrities frontrunners.

"All of the different dance styles will be a great leveller for everyone," she said.

"There's some that are going to suit some personalities and some that will suit some frames. What's so exciting about the show is it won't be consistently one or two people at the top of the leader board, hopefully (laughs)."

The new contemporary style added to this year's revamped show certainly seems to have worked out well for Tina Arena, Cosentino and Home and Away's Rhiannon Fish, who hold the top three spots.

Illusionist Cosentino's contemporary routine earned him a 10 from one of the judges, the first time a perfect score has been awarded for a debut performance.

Dancing With The Stars airs Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7.