ONE Mackenzie St resident has relived the moment they thought their house was going to go up in flames.

Josh Crestani and parents Frank and Sonia could do little as the fire jumped Quart Pot Creek from Texas Rd and made its way to Manning and Mackenzie Streets.

"We were up at Mt Marlay and could see the hill on fire and we were looking towards our house and could see the fire jump the creek heading towards it," Josh said.

"We flew down and it was up to the back of the old dump and some bamboo had caught alight and was headed toward the highway.

"There were six or seven fire trucks there and they evacuated Manning St and Mackenzie St. Council were spraying water on to our property."

Feeling helpless, all they could do was watch on.

"We couldn't do much. Just had to wait and see what was going to happen.

"The parents were very concerned it was going to jump the road. We were prepared to turn sprinklers on in our yard though.

"The flames were just rapid. The whole street, no one slept all night," he said.



Hunter Murphy snapped this image from a front verandah in Brittania St last night.
Hunter Murphy snapped this image from a front verandah in Brittania St last night. Contributed


A couple streets over at Barton and resident Hunter Murphy said he and his family opted to evacuate their house around 8.30pm.

"The wind changed direction towards town and we thought it was best to leave as everyone in the street and surrounding streets were packing up.

"We thought it'd be a smart idea to just take precautions and get out."

Murphy said it was unlike anything he's seen before.

"It was like a World War II movie. Just the fire, the noises, seemed like what you think a war would be like.

"The flames were as high as you could see. I just want to thank the fireys. I don't know how they do it."