Rockhampton Gelatissimo owner David Lim.
Rockhampton Gelatissimo owner David Lim.

‘Little bit of sweetness’ en route to hospital

TIRELESS, persistant health workers and their patients at Rockhampton Hospital will reap a small, sweet reward on Christmas Day.

Gelatissimo owner David Lim intends to spend his December 25 giving away "a little bit of sweetness" - something that has become an annual tradition.

"We definitely see that they are working tirelessly and they're the ones who are frontline," Mr Lim said.

"They know that the virus is there, but they had to work regardless for their duty and professionalism.

"We want to give them our appreciation with a little bit of sweetness and encourage them and really thank them with what I have, which is gelato."

David Lim.
David Lim.

Mr Lim became Gelatissimo's owner in 2016.

In the same year, he decided to visit the hospital and has done so each Christmas since.

In 2020, his wife Lynn Byun, from the Rockhampton Symphony Orchestra, and some of the orchestra's players, will accompany him.

"We chose the Base Hospital because that's the public system that everyone possibly goes through, and we just want to give back a little bit to the community, that's all," Mr Lim said.

"2020 is quite special for health workers as well as essential workers. This time it's just a little bit more meaningful for us, as well as for nurses and doctors and patients who can't go to their own home on Christmas Day.

"We really thank the public service every time we use them, but especially with COVID in 2020 we more appreciate their presence and their hard work."