GAME OF THRONES: The battle for control of the seat of Rockhampton rages on.
GAME OF THRONES: The battle for control of the seat of Rockhampton rages on. Contributed

LNP, Labor and Greens contenders jostle in Rocky's 'Game of Thrones'

WITH the state election due to be called any day now, the tussle for King Bill Byrne's vacated Rockhampton throne intensifies.

LNP candidate for the seat of Rockhampton Douglas Rodgers described Labor's pre-selection struggle between Mayor Margaret Strelow and newly minted contender, CQ regional director of the Department of Housing and Public Works Barry O'Rourke, as farcical.

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Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow.
VYING FOR THRONE: Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow is currently being assessed for pre-selection for the seat of Rockhampton. Allan Reinikka ROK160617astrelow

"The farce that is Labor's pre-selection circus highlights the internal division that has held Central Queensland back for so long. Central Queenslanders deserve better than to be held for ransom by the factional warlords of the ALP," Mr Rodgers said.

"I do know Barry and always enjoy discussing politics with him and am sure to in the future.

"The question before the local Labor members is whether they want a bureaucrat or a mayor to represent them at the upcoming ballot against a hard-working candidate committed to putting CQ first."


Labour preselection candidate for the seat of Rockhampton, Barry O'Rouke.
READY TO GO: Labour pre-selection candidate Barry O'Rourke will take on Margaret Strelow for the seat of Rockhampton. Chris Ison ROK171017cpreselectio

Mr Rodgers said as he gets around Gracemere and Rocky, he receives a great deal of positivity from people who are relieved to see someone speaking up for them.

"It's clear to me CQ wants change and that's precisely what I offer," he said.

"There is no doubt that cost of living pressures are a huge issue for CQ with power price increases strangling our industries, businesses, and household budgets.

"This government uses power as a secret tax to make their budget look great and our budgets look terrible and we deserve better."


LNP Candidate for Rockhampton Douglas Rodgers.
CHALLENGING FOR SEAT: LNP Candidate for Rockhampton Douglas Rodgers. Contributed

Mr Rodgers highlighted the need economic infrastructure like Rookwood Weir and the Capricorn Highway duplication and said needed representatives who would fight to see infrastructure built in CQ.

A spokesperson from the ALP's Queensland Branch said the pre-selection nominations for the State Seat of Rockhampton have closed and the candidate suitability process was now under way.

"The pre-selection process will commence once the Candidate Suitability Process has concluded," they said.

"The Labor Party will field a strong candidate in the seat of Rockhampton as we have done so for over 100 years.

"In contrast, the only legacy the LNP holds in Central Queensland is one of devastating cuts to front-line services under the Newman-Nicholls LNP Government."

They said Mr Rodgers should come clean and explain to the Rockhampton community what secret plan for job cuts and privatisation plans he and Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls were planning.

Meanwhile, the Greens Party have come forward to provide clarity as to where they are positioned in the battle for Rockhampton.


Greens senator Andrew Bartlett
AWAITING ELECTION: Queensland Greens convenor Andrew Bartlett will be in Rockhampton Friday to discuss his party's chances in the upcoming election. Shayla Bulloch

A Greens spokesperson said their party had people identified and were ready to go in all 93 seats for when the Queensland election was announced.

"Our candidate for Rockhampton will be named when the writs for the election are issued," they said.

"The Greens aren't interested in Labor's internal party politics; we want to make politics work better for all Queenslanders.

"More and more voters are turning to the Greens to deliver real change away from our broken political system in which both major parties are controlled by big corporations."

The spokesperson said the Greens were in the strongest position ever to make history and win a seat in parliament.

"The Greens will be campaigning on the need for greater investment in affordable housing, schools, hospitals, infrastructure and green spaces, rolling back Labor's privatisation of our electricity system so we can save people money on electricity bills, giving people more of a say in their neighbourhoods by rolling back the power of big developers, and getting corporate money out of politics," they said.

If you're interested in talking to the Queensland Greens party convenor Andrew Bartlett, he will be in Rockhampton on Friday to speak at the Capricorn Enterprise Political Leaders Series.

Venue: Travelodge Rockhampton

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Cost: Members $58, non-members $100