Great Keppel Island is a topic of debate heading into the state election.
Great Keppel Island is a topic of debate heading into the state election.

LNP pledges to match Labor’s GKI commitment

AS DUAL deadlines near - a Great Keppel Island development contract and the State Election - LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander travelled to Yeppoon to pledge to match Labor's initial GKI investment.

He said if the LNP were voted into power, $25 million would be spent on common user infrastructure, and the rest of the island's refurbishment would be discussed with the relevant parties thereafter.

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As for power and water infrastructure, Mr Mander said he would have to see business cases before making a call, so that he could be certain the venture would be profitable.

He did not detail, however, specifically where the LNP's cheque would come from, saying broadly the Keppel promise, as with all the party's election vows thus far, would be funded by economic expansion and redirecting dollars from areas in which he considered Labor to have overspent.

"[Member for Keppel] Brittany Lauga has let down the people of Yeppoon and Keppel over the last five and a half years," Mr Mander said.

"She's made numerous promises about GKI … she's backed away from those commitments and has now announced $25 million a few weeks before the election.

Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga.
Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga.

For her part, Ms Lauga said voters should examine which services would be cut to fund the LNP's wishlist.

"The LNP has made over $23 billion in unfunded, uncosted election commitments which they have not yet released their costings for," she said.

"The only way the LNP can pay for these 'announcements' is by cutting services, sacking workers and selling assets.

"It's in the LNP's DNA to cut, sack and sell. They've done it before and they will do it again."

Ms Lauga said she spoke with GKI developer Altum Property Group "almost daily" and that progress was being made "in the right direction".

She added that Labor in fact had $30 million primed for the island destination.

"We are the only ones with the money on the table to deliver infrastructure on Great Keppel Island," Ms Lauga said.

"We will work with any company that's keen to invest in Great Keppel Island.

"But GKI is prime, waterfront real estate. We will not sign a deal with any company unless they have the funds to deliver what they promise."

Speaking alongside Mr Mander, Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said if the State LNP was elected, she would "see what we can do to this forward", 'we' being federal LNP Members, and 'this' being federal financial support for the GKI development.