Maycee cut her hair off to help kids with cancer
Maycee cut her hair off to help kids with cancer

Local girl raises hundreds for kids with cancer

SEEING children fight cancer in hospital is a sight Rockhampton eight-year-old Maycee Pryke can't get out of her mind, but instead of dwelling on it she put her sympathy into action.

Last week, she woke up and announced to her mum she was going to cut her hair off for kids with cancer.

Within seven hours of making the announcement Maycee was in the hairdresser's chair at Sisters and Co Hair Studio parting ways with 31 centimetres of hair.

"I was a little bit nervous but I didn't take my eyes off the mirror,” Maycee said.

Maycee cut her hair off to help kids with cancer
Maycee cut her hair off to help kids with cancer

The year three Parkhurst State School student said the idea came to her by eavesdropping on her mum's conversations and looking at photos of cancer patients on the internet.

"I felt sad to see the photos because they (the children with cancer) had tubes and they also had to get needles,” Maycee said.

"The kids had to stay in hospital and some of them had no hair.”

Her mum Kacey Pryke was a bit perplexed when she caught Maycee googling "kids with cancer” but she was extremely proud of her "quick-witted” little girl.

Kacey believes Maycee's memory of seeing her uncle in hospital battling cancer could be a motivation behind her intentions.

"One of her uncles was in hospital a few years ago and she was a bit young, she refused to go in the room,” Kacey said.

"Maycee freaked out seeing a girl in hospital.”

Maycee has raised $500 for kids with cancer and can't wait to grow her hair out again to help more people.

She doesn't know anyone who has cut their hair off to help others but she thought it was a great way to help.

Maycee loves riding her pushbike, scooter, motorbike and going fishing - she hopes if enough people help children diagnosed with cancer they can enjoy some of her favourite activities too.