Max Cook used his phone to send a series of text messages and pictures of ‘decapitated humans’ to a woman.
Max Cook used his phone to send a series of text messages and pictures of ‘decapitated humans’ to a woman.

Lockyer man sent images of ‘decapitated humans’

A LAIDLEY man got himself caught in the middle of someone else's argument when he picked up his phone and sent text messages to a woman he had never met.

"You leave Jolene the f - k alone."

It may sound like a sequel to everybody's favourite Dolly Parton song, but the reality darkened quickly for the woman on the receiving end of threatening text messages.

Pictures of decapitated humans and threatening text messages appeared on the woman's phone.

The woman reported the messages to police, when the sender refused to explain who he was or why he was messaging.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard the phone number was linked to Max Cook.

In court, Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor said Cook, 47, had texted the complainant from 7.45pm on March 28, 2020.

"The defendant has then phoned the victim's phone and stated, 'send your husband around to my place for a fight'," Sgt Windsor said.

"The victim has replied saying 'what's my problem with Jolene - I don't even know who you're talking about'."

The court heard Cook continued to message the woman, failing to explain who he was, despite the woman's responses, expressing confusion.

Cook sent two images depicting decapitated humans and texted the victim, "understand now, sister?" and "I do god's work".

The court heard Cook had worked as a kitchen hand at a Gatton restaurant before he lost his job when the place closed.

Duty lawyer L Scott told Magistrate Kay Ryan that Cook was in relationship with the person he had been messaging about.

"He accepts he should not have sent the messages to the victim and stayed out of it," Ms Scott said.

"(His partner) was having an argument with the victim and he has become involved because he could see she was upset."

Ms Ryan noted Cook's limited history and told him he had acted "highly, highly inappropriately".

Cook pleaded guilty to using a carriage to menace or harass and was fined $500.

A conviction was recorded.

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