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Care of RRC History Centre. Contributed

Looking back in time: Collection of past photos of Rocky

A COLLECTION of historic photographs of Rockhampton landscapes, buildings, businesses, transport, and people were recently donated to the Rockhampton Library History Centre.

A story was attached about a Rockhampton businessman:

Albert Victor Lucas had one of the first taxis in Rockhampton and he operated out of premises on Musgrave St, North Rockhampton.

He started his taxi business in 1916 and drove for 39 years.

He didn't only run the cars in Rockhampton but carried people to other towns as well including Brisbane.

He also at one stage had a boat that carried freight on the Fitzroy River.

He was involved with the North's Leagues Club.

These notes were written by him about 1954.

My first car was an NF open model car with headlamps - gas & sidelamps and K-Rear lamp.

No number plates then and the Rocky City Council issued licences then and they cost 5 shillings a year. The taxi licence cost me one pound in 1916.

List of cars in order.

6 cylinder Buick 1916, 22 Buick lost in a fire at two months old, 1925, Buick 28, Buick 8 1936, Buick 1928, 1937 Oles, 1937 Oles, 1937 Oles, 1949 Holden, 1950 Dodge.

The photographs were placed onto a continuous slide show to run on computers and TV screens in the library. This project was completed as part of a course delivered through the Library's Technology Centre.

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