PLANNING a wedding is a major ordeal for any couple, but giving yourself six weeks to plan for a wedding at the Ipswich Cup, something had to happen.

For Camira couple Jodie Ellerton, 32 and Brendon Bell, 34, the idea was the perfect trifecta, a day out with friends, watching the Ipswich Cup and topping the day off with a surprise wedding.

Speaking the day before the big event, Jodie said the couple and their friends attended the Ipswich Cup every year and announcing their wedding to be held on the day was the perfect way to celebrate their special event.

"They don't even know that we're engaged yet," she said. "We've kept it under wraps. We got engaged eight weeks ago. The timing seemed perfect for the Cup.

"We will make the announcement, tell everyone we're getting married and once they've processed that we've got engaged, we will tell them that we're doing it today, so it will be a very big surprise.

"We're not very traditional people. Everyone is obviously going to be surprised when we announce it but it's not something that will be surprising for us to do.

"It's been a lot to organise in a short amount of time. Some things we can't set up until the day because it is a surprise."

And it was all going to plan, the celebrant was there, the flowers had arrived, the dress, the rings, about 30 guests were assembled without a clue to what was about to happen after the first race, but there was no announcement.

The groom was late out of the barriers. Brendon was stuck at the gate without his wristband and then couldn't get to the infield until the gates reopened after the next race.

But no-one was to know the drama unfolding and the ceremony eventually went off to plan.

"The Cup is important to us. We go every year and it is part of our social life, so it was a special place to do it," Jodie said.

Jodie Ellerton and Brendon Bell got married at the Ipswich Cup 2015. Photo Inga Williams / The Queensland Times
The 2015 Ipswich Cup is one for the Camira couple to remember. Inga Williams