Loved Rocky eatery reopens doors to mass of customers

ONE of CQUniversity’s authentic institutions – Susy’s Asian Delights – reopened at the Rockhampton North campus this week after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the popular eatery to close its doors for two months.

Once the news of Susy’s reopening reached the ears and lips of students and staff, customers converged on the eatery, lining up outside the doors to get a taste of the much-loved and much-missed cuisine.

Owner Susy Liu and her small team of staff were kept busy in the kitchen, but Susy was happy to take a moment away from cooking to share her happiness about the reopening.

“I am very happy to be open again,” Susy said.

“All I could do was stay at home when we were closed so it feels good to be back.”

Regular customer Kylie Carige was one of many who lined up for a tasty lunch at Susy’s.

“I’m so very excited for Susy’s to be open,” Kylie said.

According to Susy, her family-owned restaurant has been operating from the Commercial Centre at CQUniversity’s Rockhampton North campus for more than 20 years.