Bill Ludwig
Bill Ludwig

Anti-de-amalgamation communities will be heard - Bill Ludwig

IF RESIDENTS on the Livingstone boundary still wish to be part of Rockhampton, the shire council would lobby the State Government to make that happen.

And on fair financial terms to the remaining Livingstone community.

That proposal is among the top priorities for Livingstone mayoral candidate Bill Ludwig if he is elected to lead the council on November 9.

Mr Ludwig said Livingstone would again have the opportunity to determine and shape its own future from January 1, 2014.

"After the first 12 months, the council will undertake a comprehensive survey of those residents on Rockhampton's borders where the overwhelming majority voted against deamalgamation," he said.

"If the clear majority of those residents still wish to be part of Rockhampton, I will ask the council and the State Government to respect their wishes and enter into negotiations so those boundary changes can happen. "This critical first two-year term will require a stable transition so collective knowledge and experience can be passed on. My commitment is to perform that role to best of my ability and to see this process successfully completed."

It was one of the key elements in a statement Cr Ludwig sent to The Morning Bulletin.

Cr Ludwig's first priority was to ensure service delivery and maintenance programs were improved and made more efficient and effective across all areas both urban and rural.

This would include retaining recycling services and reinstating dump vouchers for rural and urban ratepayers, along with free dumping of clean recyclable green waste.

The annual shire-wide community meetings would be reinstated within the first three months so residents could give immediate input to the new council, Cr Ludwig said.

For rural ratepayers and primary producers, the new council would immediately review expenditure levels on rural road upgrades and maintenance programs to ensure revenue raised in rural areas is being spent there and spent wisely.

"We would also review changes to ensure community groups and sporting organisations have affordable access to community and sporting facilities.

"Additional support will once again be provided to community groups, service and sporting clubs, local arts and senior citizens groups to help and encourage them with the great work they do in our community.

"A major focus must also be put on economic development to facilitate and create an environment where local industry, small businesses, tourist operators, contractors and suppliers can be supported to build a strong, vibrant and diverse economy."