BRIDGE PROTEST: Galilee Basin mining supporters promote their message.
BRIDGE PROTEST: Galilee Basin mining supporters promote their message. Allan Reinikka ROK240519aaction4

Ludwig supports the movement of Adani approvals

THE federal election result should be a "wake-up call” to both major political parties that neither side can take regional Queensland for granted any more.

It has also reinforced the fact that regional voters are no longer blindly following traditional party politics.

Importantly both the election and this week's campaign initiated by The Morning Bulletin to help advance a resolution of the Adani approval impasse have also delivered some fantastic regional outcomes.

Among those outcomes has been the intervention by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to call all parties together to finalise the Adani mine approval process.

Adani's Carmichael Mine, like any other major mining proposal, certainly deserves a "fair go” when it comes to fair and reasonable time frames for assessment. Hopefully now this important project can at last move forward.

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From Livingstone and Rockhampton's perspective an approval will ensure a strong and vibrant resource sector continues to be a major economic driver in our region for many years to come.

Equally important from Livingstone and our region's perspective has been the critical funding commitments secured in relation to both the $21.6 million Stanage Bay Road upgrades and the $20 million toward the Keppel Bay Sailing Club 1000-seat convention centre.

These two major infrastructure projects were key targets Livingstone successfully lobbied for. Both projects will deliver immediate jobs in the construction phase and importantly will also underpin future jobs and economic growth for our region.

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What will be vital now is to see those commitments rolled out in a timely manner, and not tied up for months or years in political or bureaucratic red tape.

Looking forward it is vital our region does not have to rely on waiting till elections to get the required levels of Federal and State Government funding desperately needed to grow a strong, well-diversified and resilient economic base.

There has to be genuine ongoing commitment from both levels of government to ensure our region is provided with the resources we need now. Strategies must include the provision of greater levels of infrastructure funding to local governments without the requirement to continually come up with matching dollars.

Another key factor must be proactive strategies to target and encourage regional population growth with incentives such as tax breaks and better subsidies for new businesses to establish in regional locations.

The Federal Government in particular can take the lead immediately by establishing Defence Support Industries leveraged off the $1 billion Shoalwater Bay Training Area expansion. This immediate pro-active support our region needs and deserves.