Luxurious life of Steve Jobs’ daughter


She's just 22 years old but it seems there's nothing the youngest daughter of late Apple tech guru Steve Jobs can't do.

Despite a family net worth of $A35 billion, Eve is determined to carve out her own success, and as well as being a champion show jumper she recently kickstarted her modelling career too.

The Apple heir caused a splash with a sultry shoot for beauty brand Glossier, posting a series of images of herself to her 170k Instagram followers while posing in a bath.

According to her mum, Laurene Powell-Jobs, Eve won't be inheriting her father's wealth because they don't believe in "the accumulation of wealth".

But that hasn't stopped her cashing in on her own brand deals and living the high life, posting snaps dripping in designer clothes and diamonds.


Here's an insight into her very luxurious life …

$A35 billion family fortune

Her dad - who died aged 56 in 2011 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - passed his billion dollar fortune to Eve's mum, successful investor Laurene, 56.

And while her mother is the 35th richest person in the world and said to be worth around $A35bn, the Jobs children have been told they need to make their own money.

Laurene, who married Steve in 1991 after meeting when he gave a talk at Stanford University where she was a student, told The New York Times earlier this year: "I inherited my wealth from my husband, who didn't care about the accumulation of wealth.

"I'm not interested in legacy wealth buildings, and my children know that. Steve wasn't interested in that. If I live long enough, it ends with me."


$A132 million property portfolio

She may not be set to hand her kids billions of dollars, but that's not to say Laurene won't do everything she can to give Eve the step up she needs for success.

In 2016 she bought a luxury A$19m, 3.5 acre ranch in winter horse riding capital Wellington, Florida, where accomplished show jumper Eve can train, complete with an airconditioned barn big enough for 20 horses and a showjumping rink.

The sprawling property also boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a 12 metre pool.

If that wasn't enough, according to Business Insider, they are also thought to currently own at least four mansions, including their seven bed $A10.5m family home in Palo Alto and a three acre $A58m pad in Malibu.

The family also inherited two additional properties - both in Woodside, California, worth $A23m collectively, and a $A21m four-floor mansion in San Fransisco - reportedly paid in cash.


Not horsing around

Despite the obvious advantage, money alone doesn't buy you medals, and talented Eve has certainly worked hard to climb the equestrian ladder on her own merit.

Out of 1000 horse riders under 25 in the world, Eve, who is due to graduate from Stanford University next year, is ranked number five and has competed all over the globe.

She first sat on a horse aged just two, and began training properly when she was six.

Eve was named "rider of the month" in March 2017 and has competed alongside the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Springsteen, and Bill Gates' daughter, Jennifer.

$A132m super yacht and $A88m private jet collection

If the family tire of horse training, they can retire to their 78 metre luxury yacht Venus, worth $A132m, which sadly Steve commissioned but never got to see completed before he died.

Thankfully his family have since enjoyed it, and Eve and her mother were spotted relaxing aboard Venus earlier this year off the coast of Cannes.

They also boast as two private jets worth $A75.7m and $A13m, ensuring Eve is well travelled.

'I met my current boyfriend through Instagram'

She may have the world at her feet, but when it comes to romance, Eve is very down to earth when it comes to how she meets a love interest.

Speaking to Horse Sport magazine in 2019, when asked to reveal one surprising thing about herself, Eve revealed: "I met my current boyfriend through a DM [Instagram direct message] - ladies, go for it!"

While she didn't specify her boyfriend's name, reports last year suggested she was dating Brown University student and water polo athlete Aidan Reilly, although little is known about their romance.

Previously, Eve dated Miami School of Business student Eugenio Garza Pérez, after meeting at an equestrian event.

'You smell like a toilet'

Despite their obvious wealth and privilege, the Jobs haven't been without their fair share of issues over the years.

Before meeting Eve's mother, Steve had a child with his high-school sweetheart when the pair were in their early twenties, called Lisa Brennan-Jobs, now 42.

However, for a long time, Steve denied Lisa was even his, claiming he was sterile, and was absent for much of her childhood and refused to help financially.

Lisa went on to pen her own book, saying her father told her she "smelled like a toilet", and made inappropriate jokes.

However, this is no reflection on Eve's childhood, and speaking out after Lisa published her account in her autobiography, Laurene told The New York Times: "The portrayal of Steve is not the husband and father we knew."

It seems no family is without its share of drama.


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