Young writer award winner Leeanna Brill. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Young writer award winner Leeanna Brill. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka

Magical tale enchants judges of young writers competition

BETWEEN school, homework, netball and Girl Guides, Leeanna Brill still finds time to write most days.

The eight-year-old Rockhampton girl is the first winner of the primary school section of The Morning Bulletin's Young Writer Award.

Leeanna said she enjoyed reading and writing, both pastimes keeping her entertained when bored.

It can take a few days for Leeanna to develop a story idea and once she started writing, the Glenmore State School student said she spent time writing each night after dinner until the story was finished.

Leeanna said writing helped her learn more about grammar, story structure and punctuation.

"The thing I like about writing is it can help you spell ... and helps you to learn words," she said.

While she is keen to keep writing, it may only be a hobby if she fulfils her dream of becoming a vet after school.

Read Leeanna's story below.

The Secret Magical Lake

Once upon a time there was a wonderful friendly princess that every day walked past an interesting lake.

In the lake there were rainbow coloured fish and on the edge of the lake there were glittery rainbow flowers.

The water in the lake sparkled in the sunlight as well as under the moon.

No one has actually been there before, because they thought that scary, mean vampires lived there, but actually it was where all the sparkly, happy fairies lived.

One day when the princess was out on her walk, she saw the clean, sparkly water and decided to have a drink.

The princess didn't know the lake was full of magical powers and she grew some pretty, sparkly wings and her clothes changed into a rainbow dress.

All of the fairies came out to see what was happening and they found the princess with her new sparkly wings.

The fairies helped the princess to learn how to fly and use her new magic powers.

The princess thought this was pretty cool, so she invited everyone in the world to come for lunch at the magical lake.

They all sat down and enjoyed sandwiches and all the fancy food you could wish for.

The princess had cups full of water from the magical lake for them to drink.

After they drank the magic lake water, they all changed into sparkly, fairy princesses and flew off into the sunset to fairy land.

They met lots of new friends and lived happily ever after.

The End.