Rockhampton Court House.
Rockhampton Court House.

Magistrate has police prosecutor in tears

A TEARFUL police prosecutor left the courtroom yesterday after a rather heated argument with Magistrate Cameron Press.

Michael Lee Inslay pleaded guilty to breaching a bail condition but brought up the fact the charge had listed the wrong address.

The police prosecutor wanted to adjourn the matter to look into Inslay’s claim, however Mr Press was not going to allow it.

“If you don’t have the charge here and you can’t amend it, I will need to dismiss the charge,” Mr Press said.

“Prosecutor, you can’t come before a court with your charges wrong. He (Inslay) can’t plead guilty to it.”

The matter was stood down and the police prosecutor, visibly upset with the situation, excused themselves from the court and called for a replacement. A new bench charge sheet with the correct address was ordered and the matter resumed.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said police went to an address in Lakes Creek for a bail curfew check at 1.15am on November 30, 2017. Police were told Inslay was not at the address.

Mr Studdert said Inslay told police he had a few drinks after court the previous day, had fallen asleep on his mate’s couch and did not go home.

Inslay was fined $150.