Magistrate: ‘You are not welcome on our roads’

AN 18-year-old P-plater has lost his licence for 18 months after a driving escapade so dangerous it warranted a criminal offence.

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll didn't mix his words when he fined Tylah James Ritchie $2000 and ordered him to surrender his licence.

"Sir, you are not welcome on our roads," he said.

Ritchie was driving with three passengers on the night of June 10, against the rules of his provisional licence, when he was spotted by police.

In order to avoid being caught, Ritchie cut through a service station on George St and headed towards Archer St, against the flow of traffic.

He mounted a median strip and sped into George Lane towards Cambridge St, despite police activating lights and sirens.

Police prosecutor Danita Clarke told the court Ritchie turned sharply into the car park on the corner of Cambridge and Murray Sts before mounting another median strip and driving through the car park, at times on three wheels.

Mr O'Driscoll told Ritchie his actions were a serious criminal offence and showed no regard for the public, his passengers or himself.

"Thank goodness you didn't have an accident," he said.

"Thank goodness you didn't injure anyone… I'm very concerned about your lack of control."

Although dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while speeding is a criminal charge, Mr O'Driscoll took Ritchie's early plea, age and remorse into account and did not record a conviction.