SWEET: Kyrsten Latonero with a cake   made for her husband's birthday featuring the blue police checkers.
SWEET: Kyrsten Latonero with a cake made for her husband's birthday featuring the blue police checkers. Allan Reinikka ROK110719abaker2

Making her mark as the Sugar Cookie Queen of Rockhampton

IN A WORLD filled with boys, Kyrsten Latonero loves to be able to make something pretty and pink with flowers and glitter.

A mother of two boys aged nine and seven, Frenchville's Kyrsten has started up a home business with baked goods, Her Frosted Crown.

"Everything in my life is cars, trucks, anime and cartoons. I really like the chance to do something floral and really girly - crack out the colour pink, piping flowers, leaves and intricate details."


Her Frosted Crown, Kyrsten Latonero.
Gender reveal cookies that spill out a blue or pink sprinkle once cracked Allan Reinikka ROK110719abaker3

Not just making girl-themed goods, Kyrsten specialises in sugar cookies. She has recently done some for businesses, with their logo as an edible image from Rockhampton business, Cakes of Distinction.

"Making sugar cookies is a really creative outlet me for, it is relaxing, I get in my element," she said.

"But I love seeing the happiness and delight in a client's face when they see their cookies.


"I can definitely say I can make them better than I could two years ago, it's not as easy as it looks.

"For me, sugar cookies aren't just biscuits; they are the new 'special occasion cake'.

"I love that they can be used as a centrepiece or as something a little quirky; eg gender reveal cookies, save the dates, birthdays, wedding proposal, name plaques and thank-you gifts.

"I would like to be known in the Rockhampton region for my custom sugar cookies and lollipops. However I also make cakes and sweet treats."


Her Frosted Crown, Kyrsten Latonero.
Kyrsten Latonero, Her Frosted Crown, painting her speciality sugar cookie. Allan Reinikka ROK110719abaker5

Another favourite is her "death by chocolate" brownies, which her husband loves.

Kyrsten's husband is a police officer and whenever night shift rolls around, Kyrsten arms him up with sugary baked goods, usually brownies, to keep the team going through the night.

Their children also love to help with the baking as well.

"We usually have a Sunday session every now and then and we roll out the dough and the kids cut out their cookies," Kyrsten said.

"My eldest has a really good hand for it, I think he is better than what I was two years ago."



Kyrsten works full-time in the disability industry and is known in the office as the cupcake and cake queen for her extravagant treats.

Baking is in her blood. Her mum was a baker and sold at the markets when Kyrsten was young.

She's been baking for years and after learning from her mother, got more involved in the last few years.

"I don't have the skill my mum has, she did a lot of fondant cakes and making flowers. I am hopeless," she said. "I specialise more in swiss meringue and buttercream with fondant features."


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