A MAN accused of stabbing a Gold Coast father in the neck has walked from court after three witnesses, including the victim, failed to show up for the case.

Tye-Allen Gycabi Eldridge fronted Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday for a part-heard committal hearing. Within a few hours, he was smiling as he left cleared of grievous bodily harm.

Tye-Allen Gycabi Eldridge leaves Southport Courthouse.
Tye-Allen Gycabi Eldridge leaves Southport Courthouse.

Mr Eldridge was accused of stabbing Tristan Hubsch in the neck with a knife at a Southport address about 9pm on October 9, 2019.

However, the victim and his witnesses, daughter Jazmin Hubsch and her partner Kye Meredith, failed to show.

The witnesses were to be cross-examined by defence barrister Nicholas McGhee because they were the only witnesses to the alleged stabbing.

Two additional witnesses were cross-examined during the hearing but the court was told they did not see the alleged stabbing, only Mr Hubsch bleeding with a puncture wound.

In summarising the alleged facts, Magistrate Kerry Magee said Mr Hubsch's daughter called her father for help when Mr Eldridge allegedly held a knife to the throat of his good friend Mr Meredith.

The court was told the pair were fighting over missing money belonging to Mr Eldridge.

Ms Magee said after Mr Hubsch received the call for help from his daughter, he allegedly went to the Kindra Avenue, Southport address armed with a knife.

"The defendant went up and grabbed the knife. The defendant punched the complainant to the face to try and get him out of the house," Ms Magee said.


"They (witnesses) saw the complainant walk from the gate covered in blood and observed a puncture wound to the throat area," Ms Magee said.

Ms Magee said it would be inappropriate for the court to accept evidence that couldn't be questioned and cleared Mr Eldridge from the charge.








Originally published as Man accused of stabbing Coast dad walks free