Police announced their presence a number of times before the man stepped away from his partner.
Police announced their presence a number of times before the man stepped away from his partner.

Man attacks partner in front of thousands at Carols by Beach

A MAN who violently attacked his partner at the Yeppoon foreshore where families were enjoying the Carols by the Beach event last Sunday, has been jailed.

The 34-year-old, who can not be identified by law, had been served with a police protection notice just three days earlier in an effort to protect his partner from domestic violence at their Yeppoon residence.

On the day of the carols event, the couple was near the Keppel Bay Sailing Club, when about 2pm the man assaulted the woman.

The area at the time was filled with families and young children enjoying the carols being held on the foreshore.

He wanted her to walk home with him but she wanted to walk to a friend's house

This caused him to become enraged and he yelled things at her including "why can't you just come home like a normal f---ing couple?"

She asked him to leave and he then removed his t-shirt and stood over her.

He punched her repeatedly in the face, causing redness and swelling under her left eye.

The woman was defenceless against the physical ­assault.

She then sat on a nearby bench near the sailing club and he "growled at her in a fit of rage".

He attempted to remove her from the seat by pulling her hair. She ended up on the ground, curled up in the foetal position.

About 15 minutes later, police conducting foot patrols on the foreshore were "flagged down" by several members of the public.

Police then saw the man standing over the woman, berating her.

Police announced their presence a number of times ­before the man stepped away.

The man attempted to ­justify his attack on the woman to police, stating that she was going to a mate's house "to get on the methadone" - a ­prescription drug.

In Rockhampton ­Magistrate's Court on ­Monday, the man pleaded guilty to contravening a police protection order, having spent the previous night in custody.

The court heard that he was on two suspended sentences when he attacked his partner on Sunday.

Acting Magistrate ­Maryanne May said of ­particular concern was the punching to the face and the pulling of the hair.

"That's violent by any stretch of the imagination," Ms May said.

"I have regard to the principles of general deterrence - I would have thought that ­suspended sentences would have done that for you, but it didn't."

The man was sentenced to nine months' jail with a parole release date of March 9 next year.

Convictions were recorded.