DOORS CLOSED: The deserted premises of Patios and Sheds Ipswich.
DOORS CLOSED: The deserted premises of Patios and Sheds Ipswich. David Nielsen

Man behind shed rip-off has luxury car, house, new business

THE SHED business owner responsible for ripping off Ipswich families is living in a newly renovated house, driving a flash ute and has a new business premises down the road.

Paul DeBruin is yet to have the decency to show his face and tell us what he has done with the hard-earned money of the Patios and Sheds Ipswich customers featured in the QT, as well as a long list of tradesmen and former employees.

Instead, he is hiding behind the locked gates of his home in Loganholme which, coincidentally, has recently undergone extensive renovations.

The QT visited Mr DeBruin's family home and his new business premises, located at 3/8 Maiella St, Stapylton, yesterday.

Although his black Holden ute was in the driveway, nobody emerged from the front door when the QT knocked at the front gate, which was locked.

The business premises at Stapylton was also locked, however a skinny, shirtless man answered the door. He said Mr DeBruin was not present, and when asked how customers could get into contact with the owner, he quickly shut the door. It was unclear what sort of business was being run from the new premises.

It's no surprise that Mr DeBruin is keeping a low profile, as the QT has been told by numerous sources that some of the former employees and tradesmen that worked for him have been chasing their money for a long time.

One source told the QT that Mr DeBruin operated two similar companies at Loganholme, prior to Patios and Sheds Ipswich - one of those was called Sunrise Erections and the other was Queensland Steel Constructions.

Both of the businesses went into receivership.

"Paul could sell ice to Eskimos and they will still thank him for it," the source said.

"This guy has screwed too many people. If he can't pay a tradesman he will go to the phone book and find another one."

Patios and Sheds Ipswich customer Elizabeth Richards, who has lost more than $6000, said she was disgusted to hear Mr DeBruin had another business premises.

"How nice for him?" she said.

"He needs to be put somewhere without any luxuries for a while."