Man breaches order to be a 'good dad' to his kids

A SOUTH Burnett man disregarded his domestic violence order in order to be a "good dad" to his kids.

The 26-year-old man breached the order by visiting his kids and playing with them at the home of his former partner in Murgon on September 20.

While there were no allegations of violence, foul words or arguments, police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said it was not a simple technical breach due to the man's history with the aggrieved.

In April, the man was given immediate parole after he dragged the mother of his children into the house by her hair, threw her on the couch, produced a kitchen knife and punched and kicked her body.

Sgt Gangemi said the man was placed on six months' probation and now, five months later was back in Murgon Magistrates Court for breaching the condition to be 20m from the woman.

Defence lawyer Tim Campion said the man was a "good dad and wants to be with his children" and magistrate Louisa Pink did not dispute that.

"I have got no doubt you are a good dad but you cannot be within 20m of where she lives," Ms Pink said.

"You have got to make arrangements to see them somewhere else.

"This is a serious offence because it is a court order to protect that woman from you. If the court doesn't impose penalties that are strong enough from breaching orders then the order will not be worth the paper they are written on."

The man was sentenced to a 30-day suspended prison sentenced with an operational period of six months.