The man claimed the yowie pushed his car. Picture: Dean Harrison/Australian Yowie Research
The man claimed the yowie pushed his car. Picture: Dean Harrison/Australian Yowie Research

‘Yowie’ attacks Queensland driver

A driver who says a hulking yowie thumped the bonnet of his truck has been plagued by nightmares and says spotting the creature was the worst experience of his life.

The 53-year-old has told of a terrifying encounter with Australia's version of Bigfoot while driving through a bushy part of the Gold Coast hinterland last November.

The truckie, who wants to be identified only as Gary, described how he was forced to slam on the brakes when the creature emerged from the bush, in broad daylight, at Witheren.

He eyeballed the three-metre tall 'yowie' before it thumped the bonnet of his truck, before melted into the dense forest.

"It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me," he toldThe Gold Coast Bulletin.

"I tried to push it (to) the back of my head, and think 'that was freaky, it just can't be real'. I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I was having trouble sleeping at night."

Gary said that prior to his encounter, he'd never believed in such creatures and was fearful of people's reactions to his story, including what his wife would make of it.

But in the end she believed him, he said.

In an unfortunate coincidence, the dashcam on Gary's truck was being serviced on the day of the sighting, and he didn't manage to reach for a camera in time.

"The whole thing lasted for five seconds, and you are staring this monster in the face watching it to make sure it isn't going to step around at you. You are scared for your life, not grabbing for a camera."

Gary has only driven Beechmont Rd once since his encounter, and says he doesn't believe he'll ever spot his hairy friend again.

"I figure it is a one in an million thing … lightning doesn't strike twice. On the other hand I would like to see it with a camera just to prove it," he said.

Gary told his story to Australia's yowie hunter, Dean Harrison, who has been logging yowie sightings across the nation for about 20 years.

Mr Harrison believes yowies are out there, with most sightings following the line of the Great Dividing Range.

"People should be vigilant and aware these things do exist," he told AAP.