Brodie Reginald Oakhill faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.
Brodie Reginald Oakhill faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

Father caught with more than 600 pills jailed

A CALOUNDRA father who was caught with more than 600 pills has been jailed after a judge ruled he had officially run out of chances.

Brodie Reginald Oakhill, 24, faced Brisbane Supreme court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs, which police found during a search warrant at Little Mountain in March 2019.

The court was told that when police went to Oakhill's address, he told officers he had a bomb - but instead they found him in possession of 615 tablets of MDA and ice.

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Police also found a small amount of marijuana, pipes and a mobile phone which revealed he had been trying to sell 100 tablets for $1200, the court was told.

Brodie Reginald Oakhill was jailed for 20 months.
Brodie Reginald Oakhill was jailed for 20 months.

Prosecutor Ellie Jary said the drugs were for a commercial purpose and showed an "escalation" in his offending history, which had previously included more minor drug and property crimes.

She said Oakhill would not be suitable for a community-based order because he had been caught with the pills three months after being released on parole.

"He has in fact breached every probation order or period of suspended imprisonment that's been imposed in the past," Ms Jary said.

Defence barrister Joshua Fenton told the court that between foster care and living on the streets for five years, Oakhill had a tragic upbringing.

Mr Fenton said Oakhill turned to drugs to cope with difficulties in his life but, since being in custody, had undertaken a number of courses.

Justice Soraya Ryan said while she did not underestimate what Oakhill had been through, there were only so many chances a court could give.

"There are many reasons to feel great sympathy for you," Justice Ryan said.

"Maybe that's why for many years the courts have been imposing very lenient penalties on you for your offending and given you all the chances that we can come up with to assist you.

"Of course, unless you are receptive to the assistance that the court can offer, there's not much we can do."

Oakhill was sentenced to 20 months' jail.

After time already served, he will be released on parole on April 17, 2020. - NewsRegional