Man cops fine after sawing at hoon’s car

A MAN fed-up with a hoon revving a car engine in his suburban street has been fined after taking the law into his own hands.

Aidan Robert Walters appeared in the Townsville District Court where he pleaded guilty to trying to break-in to the victim's car, and damaging it with an electric saw.

The court heard Walters followed the 17-year-old victim in his car to a dead-end street, before boxing him in after an altercation on June 3 last year.

Judge Gregory Lynham told the court the defendant got out of his vehicle holding an electric saw and tapped it on the victim's driver's side window while shouting at him.

"You then walked to the front of the complainant's car, switched on the saw, and lowered the blade onto the bonnet for a couple of seconds," he said. "That caused several scratches to the paint work."

Judge Lynham said Walters then grabbed the car window "and violently pulled on it" and yelled at the victim to get out.

"You told the complainant that he was lucky and that you were going to beat the living crap out of him. You even made threats to kill him," he said.

The court heard the victim lowered his window and told Walters to calm down, but the threats continued.

"You also told the complainant that you would follow him home and tell his father what kind of child he was. Not surprisingly, the complainant was left shaken by the incident," Judge Lynham said.

The court heard the crimes occurred after the victim revved his engine in Walter's street.

Defence barrister Scott Geeves said his client's conduct was a result of ongoing "unruly behaviour", that had been going on for some time.

He said revving engines was enough to frazzle anyone, and said Walters was apologetic.

Mr Geeves said $500 had been put forward to fix the complainant's car.

Judge Lynham said Walters made the unwise choice to follow him and the behaviour could be described as road rage.

"If you do have problems with cars driving up your street or making noises, then you must contact the police, that's what their job is. Don't take the law into your own hands," he said.

Walters was fined $1500 and no conviction was recorded.