Yeppoon Court House.
Yeppoon Court House.

Man faces court after ‘screaming match’ at DV victim’s house

A man received a stern warning from a Central Queensland magistrate after rocking up to a victim’s house who had a domestic violence order against him and engaging in a ‘screaming match’.

The 58-year-old father of three, who can’t be named for legal reasons, drove to the back of the victim’s house and sat on a chair smoking cigarettes about 11.30am on March 11.

The victim came out and told him to leave, police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes told the Yeppoon Magistrates Court on April 8.

“He said, ‘I’m not going anywhere, you stupid bi---’,” Sergeant Janes told the court.

The victim told the offender to leave, but he responded with “Call the f---ing police” and “I’m not going anywhere”.

“I’ll come up whenever I f---ing want,” the court heard the offender said at the time.

Sergeant Janes said police went to the offender’s house at March 23 and spoke to him.

“[He] said he had to get the aggrieved’s son to the bank to get some money,” Sergeant Janes said.

The offender told police at the time that the victim started screaming at him.

“The defendant stated it turned into a screaming match,” Sergeant Janes said.

The offender has no history of a like nature.

Duty lawyer Krissy Cummins said he was taking his son to the bank but when they got there, they found out his mother was the cosignatory to the boy’s account.

Acting Magistrate Ross Woodford said the DVO breach involved the offender being on the premises and no actual violence was involved.

“With this domestic violence order, the aggrieved is entitled to peace and harmony, in relation to that order,” Magistrate Woodford said.

“If you keep breaching the order by just going on the property and arguing and that, you’ll end up in a situation where one day you’ll face a period of imprisonment, even if there’s no domestic violence.”

The offender pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order and was fined $400 with a conviction recorded.

Originally published as Man faces court after ‘screaming match’ at DV victim’s house