Chemist Warehouse Rockhampton East St
Chemist Warehouse Rockhampton East St

Man goes ballistic when asked to leave store

EMBARRASSED after being asked to leave Chemist Warehouse, East St, a 42-year-old man made a scene and forced staff to put the store into lockdown.

Jonathan Shane Bailey pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Tuesday to public nuisance.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Ellysha Geddes said Bailey entered the store at 11am on October 1 and was asked to leave by staff who recognised him from previous offending.

Ms Geddes said Bailey became upset and aggressive towards staff, yelling at them and calling them “f------”.

He then left the store and continued yelling at staff from outside, removing his shirt and taking a fighting stance, challenging staff to come outside and fight him.

Staff then shut the roller doors and locked the store with customers inside, warning Bailey they had called police.

Police found Bailey on the corner of Denham and East St and questioned him.

He told police he was embarrassed when staff members had asked him to leave.

Lawyer Jack Blackburn said Bailey had a medical condition that produces ulcers on his legs and caused poor circulation.

Mr Blackburn said he had previously been to the store where he did steal some medical socks to help with his circulation.

He said he had forgotten about the previous incident.

“When he went to Chemist Warehouse, he was asked to leave due to that recent conviction,” he said.

“He was asked for a pat down search and that’s where he got embarrassed and committed the offensive behaviour.

“This offending was out of character and he wishes to apologise to the court.”

Bailey was fined $500, with a criminal conviction recorded.