CHARGED: Anfernee Daniel Williams faced Murgon Magistrates Court.
CHARGED: Anfernee Daniel Williams faced Murgon Magistrates Court.

Man goes out of his way for ‘vicious’ attack against boys

WHEN two kids crossed the road in Murgon to avoid a confrontation with Anfernee Daniel Williams, he went out of his way to approach them.

The Murgon Magistrates Court heard Williams drunkenly threw a 13-year-old boy to the ground and kicked him while he was covering his head.

The boy sustained a cut on his mouth and soreness to his ribs.

Williams, who was 19 at the time of the offence, also tried to punch the 15-year-old boy and then succeeded on his second attempt.

Williams was sentenced to two community service orders however, failed to make any attempt to complete them, the court heard.

"You refused to do community service which doesn't say anything positive about you and your rehabilitation," magistrate Louisa Pink said.

"This wasn't violence because they did something, this is just violence because you decided to do something in a public place."

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said Williams had forfeited the chance of rehabilitation following the "vicious" assault.

For contravening a community service order he was fined a total of $400 after showing no compliance to the original order.

He was re-sentenced to two months' imprisonment for assault occasioning bodily harm and 30 days for common assault.

The sentence was suspended with an operational period of six months in which Williams must not commit another offence.

Williams also faced the court charged with possession of one gram of marijuana and possession of a drug-related utensil after police executed a search warrant on October 4.

He was fined $400 on the drug-related offences, a conviction was recorded and all forfeited items were seized.