Jamie Saxon sentenced to life for killing Dominik Schulze

A MAN who stabbed a drunk German backpacker during a Brisbane road-rage incident has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jamie Saxon's family gasped and sobbed as a Brisbane Supreme Court jury today found him guilty of murder over the fatal stabbing of 30-year-old Dominik Schulze on October 6, 2017.

Handing down the life sentence, Justice Ann Lyons said the 35-year-old was "clearly angry" when he struck Mr Schulze with a long, sharp fishing knife that he retrieved from his car.

Mr Schulze and a friend - who had arrived in Australia for a working holiday about eight months earlier - were intoxicated and skylarking on an inner-Brisbane road when Mr Schulze was "accidentally clipped" by a car driven by Saxon's girlfriend.

The German pair were returning with takeaway food after a night of drinking.

Mr Schulze was on the road, with his pants down and waving his genitalia when he was knocked by the car.

Justice Lyons said she accepted Mr Schulze had been abusive and aggressive, called Saxon names and "clearly wanted to fight" after being knocked by the car.

Saxon, who has previous assault convictions, stabbed Mr Schulze up to four times, causing injuries that were so bad "intestines were protruding from his stomach".

He was rushed to hospital about 4am but died about midday.

Mr Schulze's family said the ground was ripped out from under their feet when they learned of his death, according to a victim impact statement read out to the court.

Saxon told the court he was deeply sorry for his actions.

He will not be eligible for parole before serving the mandatory minimum of 20 years.