Queensland Ambulance Service.
Queensland Ambulance Service. Michael Marston - ePixel Images

Man in hospital after truck and 4WD collide

A MAN was transported to hospital after colliding with a truck on the Gregory Highway earlier this morning.

At 9.07am, a four-wheel drive and an oncoming truck side-swiped each other on the highway near Gindie.

The collision caused the car to leave the road and trap a man in his 40's. He was cut from the vehicle with the assistance of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

The man suffered minor injuries to his lower limbs and was transported to Emerald Hospital in a stable condition for precautionary checks.

Queensland Ambulance Service Senior Operations Supervisor Alistair Vagg said this was a good time for people to reflect on their own driving habits and make sure they are practicing safe driving techniques.

"This means no using mobile phones, driving within the speed limit and to the condition of the road, wearing seatbelts properly and adhering to important safety messages put out by other emergency services," he said.

"We want to see everybody complete their trip safely."